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Kam Fung

Come in before the noon rush & live the Kam Fung experience!

  Photo by Jennifer Ho
Breaded & Fried Taro & minced pork balls
Braised and Confused

By: Braised and Confused
Oct 26, 2011 - 15:16
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Kam Fung offers the most authentic and traditionally found dim sum dishes in the entire city. Legendary by name, it is easy to see how popular they are by the hordes of people lining the restaurant entrance come noon. The best time to come in order to avoid the wait time is just before the rush, at 11:30. There is a tradeoff though – while service is quick (it always is), the food is hot and there is less clamor around while eating, there is greater variety in the dishes served during rush hour. By no means am I saying that the dishes served before aren’t good – on the contrary! There is just more choice later on. You’ve been told.

For those who have never been, it is perhaps a good idea to go along with someone who has some experience in ordering dishes as it may seem overwhelming at first – people are constantly shouting, and it’s not in English. There is a regular flow of traffic in the restaurant, enabled by diners leaving after their meals or just settling in as well as the always moving body of cart ladies hawking their foods.

I’ve been here countless times and from experience I can tell you that it’s been consistently good every time. The steamed shrimp rice balls are among my favorite. The gelatinous, sticky but firm outer film is soft and hot, perfectly enrobing the shrimp bits inside, each bite a steaming taste of deliciousness. A similar dish to this is the peanut, shrimp and Chinese chives dumpling – this one has a heavier taste and is notably more salty. Another great dish is the chicken feet marinated with black beans (Kam Fung’s online menu calls it “phoenix feet”) – true, there are a lot of bones that you need to spit out when eating, but the best part is the tendon and the skin around the bone. That’s the part you need to get with.

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